Updated chams post-Daytona now online!

Dr O

Hello all!

it was a wonderful weekend in Daytona, and lots of my babes are now in new homes! however, i did return with some prime chameleons that still need their homes. currently i have three 11 month old male Ambilobe’s of Pixel/Piggy lineage (1 green body blue bar, 2 green body red/blue bars w/ yellows that will continue to strengthen), three 11 month old female sisters to those males (two becoming receptive, one teeny girl who i do NOT advise as a breeding cham due to her small size, all sweet-natured), two 8 month old male Sambava/Ambilobe crosses (green body/red bar w/ heavy yellow highlights that will become MUCH more prominent in the future), and four 8 month old sisters to those males. as everyone hopefully knows by now all chams come with a SIXTY DAY health guarantee as described in www.DrOs-TieDyedChameleons.com, a 10% coupon on any future purchase, and their lifetime of my phone or email support. photos of all lineages are available and online; the Sambava line is El Lobo/Cortez lineage from the Kammers, the heaviest yellow Sambava panthers i have ever seen. Pixel is father to ALL of these juveniles.

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