Update on the Meru and some other pics


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Evening All,

I have had the pair of Meru now for week and thought I would share an update and some pics.

To start, I believe the female to be gravid. 1. The prior owners did allow them to copulate. 2. She eats like a pig, I mean, alot. 3. She did catch a glimpse of the male as I was moving some things around and there was no doubt about eh reaction.

She is very active and she eats and drinks well, so far so good.

The male is doing well also, he is a bit more picky in what he eats, but still eats well. He also is very active.

Here are the pics.

The Female, she is a bit more reclusive and hates the camera.

For fun, some pics of the other guys being nosey...

My Xanth Jacksons.

Nim 'Ro about to get a shed going.

Here is sparky!

Thanks for looking and I look forward to the ongoing Meru Updates.

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