Update on Rango

So the difference fromto day and yesterday are outstanding. To day he's crawling around and EATING again acting like a normal Cham. But I'm still gunna keep a close I on him just in case he does anything like he did yesterday. Thank you for all your help if I see him do it again and it's worse or just continues for more than a few days I will take him to the vet because my parents finally agreed when I asked if we could please go to the vet for him
Just so you're aware, most often Jackson's are wild caught and it is best to have a fecal check done to see if he has internal parasites that are affecting his health.
Lethargy on an overcast day I see sometimes.
Daytime sleeping--never a good sign.
Given their talent for hiding illness, a vet visit to a cham knowledgable vet is the best course of action.
Glad to hear you won your parents over:) it would never hurt to have a visit to the vet just to be 110% sure
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