Update on my gang


It's been a while.. Thought I'd share how my guys are doing.

Ripley is gravid, even though she's not supposed to be. Showing off her 'not interested' colours at the sight of poor Bishop (who is very interested ha)


Little Bishop is not so little anymore. I think for a runt who ued to be the size of my pinkie at the age of 4 months he turned out alright:D Unfortunately the phone camera is not that good, he is more turquoise than green.


Mr. Fancy-Pants Rupert.. still a big diva. Now he eats only stick insects.. well, at least he eats! He used to be all dull and brown. Look at him now! After changing to T5 he looks fab!
Nice looking chams! My panther is a diva too...he's driving me crazy with how picky he is about eating! But like you said, at least he's eating :)
All of your guys are looking great. Ripley is gorgeous in black and Bishop has turned into a very handsome man. Rupert is looking very nice as well.
Thanks everyone for your kind words!

@Carol, Captain Jack also talks sometimes.. which totally freaks out people who don't expect it ha!

@KingJulian, "Oh, this insect is not endangered? Screw you, I'm not eating it!"
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