Could someone help me regarding chameleon health?


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Hello everyone

Today I want to be ask regarding my chameleon's health, and I believe here I find some guidance and explanation for my chameleon's health.

Recently, I noticed a little bit of change in my chameleon's behavior and appearance. That is my worry for my chameleon.

My chameleon feedes on very excited crickets and mealworms, but now he is not showing any interest in eating. Now my Pascal feels much more lazy than usual. He spends a lot of time in the same place, Earlyer he moves here and there, but now he shows very little activity.I can understand chameleons changes color to regulate the body temperature and communicate. But I noticed something different in the in the discoloration of the pascal skin.

I want guidance for those who faced the same health issue with their chameleons and gave treatment to their chameleons.

Also I have gone through some posts relevant to this issue that are helpful for me but I want to be more sure regarding my Pascal health issue.

If anyone can provide some other advice or any other preconstion for the better health of my Pascal, I would appreciate your support.
Thanks in advance for your support.
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