Update of my little male faly!


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Hey guys!

I picked up this little cool dude at the atl repticon (end of july) this is the day he came home


And this is a month after. I'm happy with how he's coming on! :)




Thanks for looking guys!

He does have a fair amount. It all depends on his mood!


Ignore the blur around him. It was instagrammed lol.

Depending on how he develops. If he matures like his mother side he will have very little. Of he takes the sire side he will become covered in them!
I'm jealous! I have wanted a baby faly boy for a while now, but have not found the right one... and no one is selling em' at the moment! I really want a high-white one. Your's is gorgeous! I love his blues and reds... the red "rain" is only going to get better as he matures. Your amped:D
Thanks for the kind comments.

He is about 4 and a half months old. I believe his hatch date was around mid April!
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