Update 2: Tail Problems?! - After the Vet!

So the procedure went great! Vet said everything went fine and after 2 weeks to come back for a check up! In those 2 weeks though I have to give him a oral dose and a shot injection every 24 hours! The shot is going behind his crest in the soft skin that’s in a little grove behind it, very scary but they explained everything with so much detail! She was able to save as much of the tail as possible which is what I was hoping for! They said it is glued and stitched up so recommended not to put anything on it to help healing. Will be upgrading his cage today and will post pictures later tonight! Thank you everyone for the kind words and helpful advice!


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In the future let’s try to stick to one thread per issue, makes it hard to ensure your getting the help you need when it’s spread out over multiple threads.


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They are all different conversations so I don’t want them all in one cluster. Thank you though for that, have a good one! :D
I'd link your previous threads just to have all the info in one place. A lot of people use the search function before posting so if they read over this, they might be confused as to why your cham needed the surgery.

Glad to see your cham did well during the procedure. Here's to a speedy recovery!
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