Unknown disease?


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Since i didnt get any responses from my first post i will post it again, what is all over this poor veiled chameleon ????

and this was the cage set up he had.


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We wont know for sure.

COUld be abscesses, tumors, cysts.

BUt hes super skinny, and you should take him to the vet.


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i do not know what is going on with it, but that cham is in real bad shape.. did you just get it? it really needs some feeding up. has it ever been given calcium supplements?

i would message ferretinmyshoes as she is a great vet and is experienced with chameleons. she may be able to help figure out what is going on and give advice as to what to do for it.


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Is this the one from the pet store and not actually yours? I'd be worried about chronic wounds causing granulomas (basically blobs of inflammation), active fungal or bacterial infection, or tumors. Poor husbandry most likely playing a decent role. Hard to say without diagnostics.


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Yes this is the one from the petstore. Believe me I would have gone to the vet long ago if this baby was mine.. nor would I ever have such a terrible setup as this.. :[


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That is one skinny chameleon. Poor nutrition will only compound any problems that arise and from how it has been kept there should probably be some.
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