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In the next two weeks I want to redo my turtle's aquarium and am looking for some ideas. I want to use the top fifth of the backwall to create a emulate a river bank. This will be accomplished by using a pretty common method involving: expandable foam, peat moss, lots of sticks, and black silicone. The expandable foam and silicone should hold the peat moss/sticks. I will remove bark off of the sticks in an effort to make it look like the root system that is holding up the bank. I was going to use a Zoo Med 501 carbon canister filter. Other then that I really have nothing. I wanted to throw in some live aquatic plants. Do not really have any idea of good ones to use that could survive turtle abuse? I am looking for some construction ideas that will hold up under water? I would like to do something other than just rocks. I want to still use rocks as he exercises quite a bit each night digging them around. He is usually up at night so I am think of some sort of black light to come on after the day one goes off. Any input is greatly apperciated.

Oh yeah, he is a Musk turtle named Cortez. I named him this after discovering he escaped out of a previous aquarium that had a cover on it. He managed to get across the room on a low window seal (6" off the ground). Quite the explorer.
Ive built all kinds of plywood "aquariums"

with the foam I suggest you use some concrete as the cover for your foam. Its tougher and wont let the turtle tear it up with his nails.

If you look up cichlid-forums.........they have a great tutorial on making fake rock backgrounds..........I used that a long time ago to start my venture into it. Ive got different techniquies now as youll all see when I post pics of my 100 hour cage building session...............sheesh Im glad Im almost done.

Anyways, some of those guys make really big aquariums and have great advice.
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