Trouble keeping humidity up?


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As a chameleon keeper living in Chicago, we experience very dry winters and very dry summers, the heater on and a/c on sucks the moisture right out of the air, I tried plants, frequent (unnatural) misting sessions, and humidifiers, I thought I’d share what ended up working the best for me.
I have a set of reptibreeze screen cages, I bought double sided 3m tape and clear window film used to keep out drafts during the winter. I used the tape on the metal frames and cut the window film to cover the sides. During the winter I cover the opening portion of the door and leave the bottom of the cage uncovered to help get some air flow going. I use a humidifier fitted with a pvc fitting in the opening and plastic tubing up and over the cages, the humidifier and misting systems together work great, the film keeps the humidity in as high as 99 percent, dropping after to a decent 75% once the cage settles down. You can set a timer on your humidifier to allow your cage to dry out some as you see fit. The mister will provide drinking opurtunities but I also make sure my chams drink water from a separate spray bottle, hydration is very important and must be monitored even closer during your dry seasons.
Things to take into consideration, this is what works for me but it is not 100% , it is very important to keep the humidifier clean, the humidifier and the plastic tubes I use are rinsed out and allowed to completely dry, the cages are allowed to dry as well. Depending on your water quality , water does eventually stain the plastic film, I replace it about every 3-4 months unless it’s looking dingy. This method allows you to use you existing cage, the film is about $13 for a roll that easily does both my cages, the tape is about $5. The humidifier is about $30 at menards and the plastics used where about $4.. Hope this helps if you guys have any questions ask, I’m writing this while watching tv so please forgive me if I misspelled or wasn’t clear about something. Good luck!!
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