Triple Threat (and an oddball)

Fuego, Rico, and Azazel. Oh, and Bonsai, the outcast;)


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Lord they are all beautiful!! What kind of tree or bush are they in? Do they all get along??

Thank you, Carol. They are in a japanese maple, my favorite photo tree. And no, they absolutely do not get along. They can tolerate each other until Fuego comes around, then he agitates everyone;)
Ok, that does it! I've decided that my next Cham is going to be solid blue or has has tons of yellow!! :mad:

I've seen some pretty awesome blue and yellow banjas out there... ;)
Man I love your Free Range picture, most people would swear they were Photoshopped. You should have these pictures turned into puzzles and sell them.
Hahaha thats awesome I bet he did haha. On a more serious note it's great that you got to spread some actual knowledge about such commonly misunderstood animals.
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