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I recently bought some silk worms and butterworms for Moe. One of the butterworms disappeared and there is no sign of it being in the enclosure so I'm assuming Moe ate it. However, none of the silk worms seem to get touched. He holds out all day until I put a couple of crickets in the enclosure and before you know it the crickets are gone. What is the trick to getting these goofball chameleons to eat the other food provided to them? I want a bit of variety for this guy, not to mention I don't want my money to go to waste. Not that my money is any concern of Moe's. Anyway, if you have any tricks of the trade will you let me know? I feed via feed cup but if I have to let the silk worms roam to get Moe's interest I will. Thanks.

Note: I've been trying to get him to eat them for four days now.
When I ordered silks and butters, Basil would go for the butters and not think twice about the silks. Then I put a few silks on branches instead of in the cup, walked away, a few min later he got all but one. Now he won't eat butters and the silks are all gone :mad:
I havent had good luck cup feeding worms. I put them on the screen or on a branch and let them move a bit. That movement seems to attract the lizard. I have one picky eatter that just refuses worms altogether. Nothing you can do but keep providing them and maybe one day he'll try one.
Would holding out on feeding him crickets be a no no for a chameleon so small/young? He is about 4 inches. If I don't feed him any crickets maybe he will get hungry enough that he can't help but try the worms.
My Chameleon and bearded dragon won't touch butterworms. I ordered 100 of them once and they went to waste, I turned them loose outside, maybe some birds got them at least. They both love silks though.
I have a 5 month old Nosy Be male and a 1.5 year old Nosy Be female. My female loves Silkworms and Hornworms but won't touch a Butter worm. My baby male loves baby horns and baby Silks but again doesn't seem to even notice the Butters.
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