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My son is finally taking his cham home to NY, a 6 month veiled male, tomorrow on an airplane. We know he can't just take him in a box or carrier, but the plan is to put him in a snake bag with paper towels and put him in his girlfriends big carry on purse so there will be plenty of room.

Has anyone ever gotten a small cham through security?
I've never tried it but my guess it he want make it through security. I wish they's just allow them to go under the seat in a carrier.....they'd be much better than dogs and cats and I could take mine everywhere with me. :)
DO NOT ASSUME you can carry this cham on board! Most if not all airlines restrict in-cabin animals to small dogs, cats, tropical fish or a small domestic bred cage bird.

YOU MUST reserve a space for your cham through the airline reservations dept at least 24 hours before the flight. Most likely you will have to check the cham in an approved airline kennel despite its small size. So, call your airline or go to their website to find out what will be required ahead of time.

If you show up at the airport for your flight with a hidden chameleon you risk having it confiscated or not being allowed to board your flight.

Looking at your original post, you may be SOL on getting the reservation in time and getting the correct kennel with an internal box to protect the cham.
Do you think they won't notice a live animal when they scan your purse? It's an x-ray machine... It is against regulations on all airlines to bring a reptile in the cabin - no exceptions. You will probably be detained at least temporarily for basically smuggling an animal if you try the purse method. There are lots of restrictions against this and they may confiscate the animal and you won't get a say in the matter. This is a very bad idea imo.
Come on man, use common sense. You won't get it past security if they don't allow the animal on board. You will no longer have him if you try to carry him on.
LMAO good luck Bocajann, if he makes it to NY with the lizard, have him contact me, I need a 'mule' to get some jacksoni and quads to OZ. :p

I know a lizard is hardly a major deal but breaking the law, or trying, with airport security is plain silly, your boy may end up with a criminal record for the sake of a lizard.
Certainly a bag of any type is not good for a cham anyway.
If your not willing to jump through legal hoops, atleast consider the consequences of what you propose.
Im genuinely astonished that your post appears to be asking how to break the law!
You will not be recorded in the 'smart crim's hall of fame'. :D

You could tell your son to put the cham down the front of his pants, that way if customs ask, he can say he's just pleased to see them! :D

Do it right or dont do it!

P.s I did consider that you may have already made arrangements and are merely asking about packing the lizard, but then why ask if anyone has ever got past security?
I flew my dog from Seattle to NJ 2 weeks ago. I had to wait in the animal arrival area at Continental for > an hour, the agent shared multiple stories of animals being shipped, you definantely have to check him in and make a prior reservation. usually you also have to get a notice of the pets health no greater that 10 days prior to travel. On a positive note my experience and from what I saw the day as I sat waiting, the animals that do travel are treated vey well. good luck.
If sneaking animals in your purse was ever successful don't you think the black market animal trade would be a little easier? I don't know if you've noticed that security at airports is a little bit absurd lately, even when you are being completely legal...

Just not a good idea even if it is tempting.
Not a good idea AT ALL. Definitely may even be confiscated and or he could get in trouble legally & may not be aloud to fly. Purse has to go through scanner (XRAY... cham will be seen for sure). There were some really good alternative suggestions on here though. Your son needs a new plan. Best of luck!
Thanks all for the warnings. I will be sure to pass them along to my son. I agree with all of you! I hope he does too.
If he doesn't, then get your plans in place to a) bail him out and b) get the chameleon back into his cage (not necessarily in that order...).
A road trip would be a Bakst, I'm in. We can stop and visit various members in route, perhaps pick up a fees new ones:D
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