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Hey everyone diezels eye has gotten worse and i need to take him to the vet on wednesday because if i want it earlier it will cost base price $300 instead of $68 because the doctor is at the shore till wednesday. I need to know how to get my chameleon to the vet safe and with the least stress on him that i can. any tricks or anything to make his trip easier?
well when i took mine to the vet i just put him in a box with sticks all over , i had the sticks into the box so they wouldnt move. i dont want anyone thinking im that stupid, lol. anyways i did that and he was find when he got to the vet
Make sure there is a sturdy branch for them to cling on inside the container. It seems to me that a vertical branch (like diagonally from the bottom of one side of a container to the top of the other side of the container) is easier for a chameleon to maintain it's balance on.

You can pack the bottom of the container with towels to prevent injury in case they fall.

And finally, it is better that they can't see out of the container. Total darkness will stress them out less than being able to see everything whizzing past outside the cage as you drive them off to the vet.

Since I usually schedule my vet visits for after work, I find that the chameleon has taken the dark container as a signal that it is nighttime, and it has usually fallen alseep inside the container by the time I've arrived at the vet (it's a 30 minute drive for me). I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but it usually makes the chams quite docile for the vet to work with.
when i was cleaning the mold under my chams cage i had him in jsut a plastic shoe box and he was very docile and i don think he was asleep but it seemed like he was hard to get him inot the box but he calmed down alot once he was in.
I used a cardboard box with a towel shoved in it. I figured he would have the creases to hold on to. Even if he shifted around he would still be safe.
get a box and take one of the vines of vines from the dollar store and dangle them accross the box and pierce them through the sides i found this way if you did drop the box the vine could swing wat ever way it wanted to with the cham still safely purched on its vine you just might have to bunch them up cause there small but i used that and that oet stores and private ppl i sold to loved it and thought it was creative and it cost nothing but maybe a few bucks so try it out
a note about towels...

they can get their toenails caught in regular terry towels so use a shop, kitchen or other type without the loops and nap - I use old, soft t-shirts.

I use a styrofoam cooler or cardboard box (depends on time of year - I have a whole winter thing figured out if you ever need to take him in cold weather!) place some old soft t-shirts in the bottom and place a piece of cork bark, or, as has been mentioned, a favorite/sturdy branch. Frankly, I found that Luna was fine with just the t-shirts as they were enough for her to grab onto. And yes, cover it. Even during the day they will fall asleep, or at least get groggy in the dark.

Hope everything turns out OK!
Unless the chameleon has a physical injury, I always use snake bags. They go dormant in a minute or two. highly suggested.

Will, I've never experienced using a snake bag (never kept the slithery reptiles ;)). Isn't there any chance of the cham getting its nails/limbs caught on the side of the bag as you carry it around, and injuring it?

What makes them go dormant so quickly in the bag?
Snake bags are like a teeny durable pillow case with a tie at the top.

They just go dormant asx it gets dim inside, and they have something touching all sides of them. Their tail rolls up, they pull their legs in, and htey grad a side of the inside of the bag.
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