translucent veileds?


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What are these translucent veileds I keep seeing?
They seem really expensive, and the only pictures I can find are babies.

anyone know anything about them?
I have also seen these before, I wish I could find the site. I be wondering the same thing, maybe a new morph?? Any ideas guys.
Nothing really special about them to me. Not even all that attractive. I rather have a lot of colors IMO.
yea i agree , they dont look very nice and for $3000 like are these ppl smoking crack i wouldnt pay that much for a parsons cham let alone a veild
Please guys do a search on this subject to find out more information or opinions. I am not sure I can go through another one of these threads again.
I did a google search and couldn't find anything, which is why I posted here.

guess maybe I should have searched the old posts first?
There is a really long discussion about these chameleons on this forum.. personally, I think they are ugly too.

Here is a link to a page that has more pics:
The link to pictures of the offspring:

There used to be a pic of adults, but it is down now. Maybe they all died of skin cancer? (someone WILL pm me to tell me how wrong I am about this statement, so let me say now that I am really wrong for making that statement.)

Here is a link to that previous thread:
I did a google search and couldn't find anything, which is why I posted here.

guess maybe I should have searched the old posts first?

It isn't necessary to search all the old posts before asking a question. After a while, people who have been on forums for a long time get burned out and bored with the repeat topics. We all go through it.
lol, that is pretty funny, and just when i thought every michael jackson joke had already been made....

anyway, so I just read through the old posts, and i have to say i am now more confused then ever.

sorry for opening up that can of worms.

Guess i was sort of right about them being sickly looking-
the whole "morph" seems pretty sketchy to me
yea, i wouldn't pay 3k for a pair of them, i'd rather get some amazingly colored chameleon and pay maybe 1k at most.
i agree, they look bland. In some of the photos it looks like they have mold growing on their head :eek: . Wouldnt buy one.
Here's a pic of a juvenile translucent we had.


Here's a pic of an adult male we have...


The adult male photo doesn't do it justice. It's really unique and for everyone's past opinions on how UVB would have an affect on them it has had no visible affects. We have a clutch of 63 eggs currently and are doing several things like breeding into Wild Caughts to create Hets and strengthen bloodlines with new genetics. All the hets will be quarantined and NOT released in regular sales. We've partnered with a Vet and some other breeders to collect more data on these.
My understanding is that the original specimens that exhibited this trait were actually wild caught animals which were then bred together, etc., in Europe before offspring were sent to the US. The lack of pigment does create uncertainty with regard to UVB exposure impact and it will be nice once offspring are raised under varying conditions to test this completely. Looking at Mike's male, I don't see any outward signs of issues and it looks like a very nice animal. I typically don't like manufactured morphs but absolutely believe in maintaining purity of naturally occurring morphs like this. Having talked to Mike at length about strengthening the bloodlines with WC blood and tracking the hets, etc., I believe this morph is on the right track toward proper management. It will be interesting to see what we learn about them as time goes on and while they definitely aren't for everyone, they are interesting on many levels.

As time goes on and the bloodlines get stronger, will it be likely that the prices will go down? They seem kinda cool. But I wonder if the lifespan is less than a regular veiled.
As time goes on there will be a price drop, probably immediately when we release them. We have a huge demand overseas for these as well. So the majority of what we produce will be leaving the country.
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