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I need everyone's help or advice.

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I went to Petco yesterday because I needed some crickets since my usual place was out of smalls. I saw the female Jackson was still there (I have posted here about her on a few occasions). The problem is that she is in a small cage with compact lights and is holding an eye closed most of the day.

I asked the worker if she has ever taken the Jackson to the vet and she asked me " Why? Do you see something wrong with her?" She knows I have 3 chameleons and always l look at the ones they have when I go with my daughter. I told her that she has an eye closed and she should get seen by a vet and treated instead of being put up for sale. She said " yeah she closes an eye here and there but the vet said she is fine" I told her that's usually a red flag. She then said " I'm worried she will be here a long time since she is almost an adult." And then offered to basically give her to me.

The problem is I am happy with the chams I have and as much as I would want a Jackson I don't want another female cham until I get used to my panther. I also don't have a cage or any more supplies let alone the experience to deal with a sick cham.

Se is so pretty as I do love Jackson's and I feel horrible for her. Should I leave her there to die or take the risk? Her cage is a 12 x 12 at best and she sits in the corner so it could just be darker and she sleeps but I doubt it. She has been moved 3 times until landing in this small cage.

I know I should pass but it's hard.
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If you buy her you are just telling companies like petco that they can get away with abusing their animals because someone will always buy them. I know it's heartbreaking to leave her there but in situations like this I would think about the bigger picture. We need petco to realize that they can't sell sick animals. I'm so sorry for the little one :(


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by buying that chameleon, your just profiting the industry making sure another chameleon is put in its place, worst case scenario 2 or 3 of them. i know it has to be hard, i go through this everytime i go to the store, but pass on it, its not worth it. i feel so bad for her though :(:(


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Yeah I'll just have to leave her. I feel awful but the amount of money I would have to put in vet bills and buying a whole cage setup and everything would be a lot. Not to mention the time and care she will need.

It's sad to watch any animal suffering. Especially one like her that has been there for about 3 months.

Thanks guys!
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