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Just a quickie, whats the idea amount of food for a veiled, my female is eating like a trooper eating everything that enters her cage. she can easily go through 10-15 crickets a time with some wax worms to follow

My female veiled is a great eater. She is definitely my favorite to feed. She will eat anything that I throw into her cage that moves. As far as how much to feed them, I have often heard that over feeding females can cause them to produce an over abundance of eggs per clutch and even cause them to produce clutches more often. I am by no means an expert on this and I am sure others will chime in but I feed my female well and every day. She is 2 years old and has never produced eggs.

Personally, I feed my female veiled 10 or so crickets a day along with 3 or so superworms. I also feed her 3 or 4 roaches every few days and I feed wild moths when the seasons allow. Last night I caught a moth the size of a humming bird. It was huge! I threw it in her cage and 30 seconds later it was gone. I think that using your best jugement for your chameleon goes a long way. And asking questions never hurts ;)


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well i can definetly agree with u there about eating all and everything. goes through stages of eating alot then a litte, ill post some pics of her tomorrow but shes getting a large belly more so everyday, she might be expecting but i might just be worrying too much ;), will post some pics tomorrow., Gratz of catching that monster moth and bigger gratz on the cham that managed to eat it hehe ;0

Be aware that overfeeding your veiled females can lead to a shorter life, production of large clutches, eggbinding, etc...

"Factors that can contribute to the risk of egg binding include calcium deficiency, breeding animals that are too young or too small, not providing suitable laying areas (leading to deliberate retention of eggs), and overfeeding of species in which clutch size is dependent on food intake (such as Veiled Chameleons)."

"If you continue to feed your animal as if it were a baby it will grow to adult size faster than normal but females will ovulate sooner than they should, and produce more eggs than is good for them so over-feeding of sub-adults should be avoided."

"Adult female veiled chameleons should not be fed all they want, their diet should be restricted to 20-30 insects per week, babies up to the age of 4-5 months can be fed 30-40 (small) insects per week."
Well thats kinda changed my way of thinking feeding wise, thanks for that. Ive encluded some pictures taken today. still not sure if shes gravid or just a large girl. Think i might consider a vet trip this week to make sure all is ok



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