Too big?


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I would like to build a new cage for my cham but i was wondering if it was too big. I have a 1+ year old veiled and hes about 7 yo 8 inches snout to vent. i wanted to make the cage 5 feet tall x 3 feet wide x 2 feet deep. Would that be too big and i should wait or should i just go for it?
At that age, the general rule of thumb is that no cage is too big.
Provided you can still supply an adequate temperature gradient, the right humidity range, and a fair amount of UVB in that large space, I say go for it...
My Jackson's is about the same size and I built him a 4ft high 4 ft long 2 ft deep cage and I am wishing I would have made it even bigger :D In fact Im looking forward to moving later this year so that I can build him one even bigger :D
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