tongueless veiled


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Hi all you fellow cham lovers its been awhile since I have chatted my female veiled plumper with the tongue amputated is doing great she is eating crickets on her own from her marqurita glass that is buried to hold the crickets if you remember I was worried about eggbinding she has laid her infertile eggs and if you remember way back she has not shed in over 7 months and is now shedding just like to say to never throw in the towel on cham that is sick or injured TLC is all your chams need and thank all of you for the helpful advice.
Id really like to see a video of this. Is it like any other lizard when they eat since she doesnt have a tounge?
thanks everyone diezel yes she has a hard time because she is not as aggresive as a monitor or skink for say but she does manage just fine
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