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hey guys,
A new concern for my Lil panther. He will be exactly 3 mos. next week on the 25th, he is an ambilobe. I've had him for only a few days however, this morning when I was feeding him, I noticed that he missed a lot of his food.
I gave him 3 little baby silkies and his tongue kept missing them. I thought it was because they were sticking to the screen a lil too hard. But he missed a lot of the crickets as well. Like w/ one cricket, he shot at it 3 times and missed the whole 3 times. He kept getting closer and closer until he was finally able to stick it w/ his tongue. When it came to the silkies, he started scooping it up like other lizards do.
Anyways, should I be concerned? I know that when they are still young, they tend to still be working on their aim. Is this something that will just get better overtime? Please respond for I need to know if this is serious. Thanks ahead of time everyone.
Tongue problems can be caused by many different things. It can be a supplement imbalance, an injury to the tongue or even an eye problem. If your fill out the ask for help form we will be glad to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. Where did you get him? It could be a problem from before you got him. I'm also attaching my blog for new keepers below for you.
Hey again Jann, spoke to you yesterday.
I got him from the Kammers. He is missing a lot. But when he gets up close, he gets them. So How do I ask for help? I can't find the link?
this is him. I'm getting attached, I have a 45 day I believe w/ the Kammers but I don't wanna let him go if I don't have to. Then again, if something is wrong...


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