Tomorrow is the day Delilah is fully mine! :)


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Well today I got the okay to cash and spend the money order that was sent to me for my map turtle that i sold and I can FINALLY pay of Delilah! I have had her since July I think, and I paid $10 for her and her setup the day I got her. The kid I bought her from was going off to college, and had her and a female Bearded Dragon for sale that my friend was going to buy but ended up not getting it due to not bring his money with. I setup a deal with the kid I bought her from that I would be paying her off whenever I get a good amount of money. I have already paid 40 on her and 20 for a dubia colony that failed to survive. I am paying off $60 tomorrow and sending it to him. So she is finally mine! :) (this has been stressing me out for months now lol). I have a choice of what to get with the left over money, either get a ficus tree or order some feeder insects from a forum member. What should i get for her since she is fully mine? some feeder insects of a ficus tree. (the food here is expensive and the cage is bare with just vines since the plant is struggling to live and she is eating the plant a lot!) so what should I get her for a present?
Zac :)
I already got the plant. I am sending out the money today so it should get to them by friday. Got to go get food today from the petshop since I ran out this morning :)
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