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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bluesox68, Oct 11, 2017.

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    This Saturday I will be picking up a pair of nosy mitsio and I will have options for the healthiest pair. I've researched the importance of hydration and things to look for. If anyone has tips please let me know. Other then general health a few questions I have are. Do I go with the smallest to make sure they are younger?
    Other then gut loaded, I've heard intimidate supplements can shock their system so waiting is good? Also treating for worms should be held off until they are stronger and healthy. Also if they are smaller treating for worms might not be necessary? Again any tips appreciated!
  2. bluesox68

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    Any info would be great. I am prepared but I would feel better if some of these questions were answered or opinions given:D
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    There's so many better people to answer this but what you want to look for is clear alert eyes, is it active, check the skin over for mites or worms under the skin, and smaller younger animals assimilate better in my experience.
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    @bluesox68 A lot will depend on who you are getting them from. I take the good with the bad and am not really very particular about what I get.

    Can you give me the history of the shipment? When did it arrive? Are you buying from the person who imported them or have they been shipped around between a few different middle men.

    Even really experienced keepers can be fooled by their appearance. Animals on death's door step can look quite bright and vigorous. In general, all the wildcaught shipments I go through will look better than they really are.

    In general, you want an animal that seems quite heavy. Since they are coming from Madagascar, they are likely to be in much better shape than imports from other countries. I don't expect to get a pristine animal. I often take the advice of the importer who really does know the shipment. I can remember one animal he kept pushing me to take. I kept rejecting him because he was too pale and I figured he was pretty sick. I was wrong--he was just a very light color and is the prettiest malthe I own.

    Once you get the animals home, put them in a heavily planted cage and turn on the misters for a couple of hours. If you get home at night, leave the lights on and mist for at least an hour. Only after you are sure they don't want anymore water can you turn off the lights. Mist the next day for hours. Don't skimp on the water--they've been in a shipping box for about a week, maybe longer.

    Good luck.
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    I pmed you!

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