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The new house has been bought so time to start figuring out the free range.

I would like to try mellers but I am not 100% set on that.

The room is approximately 15X15. It will be set up mainly as a frog room with 4 ft chrome racks, approximately 6 of them.

The room has many windows and get plenty of lights so they were will be large real plants/ trees through out the room. Some trees will be placed in some time of draining table or something that they will be well watered and it will be where the mister is eventually set up. But for a while they will be hand misted.

UVB and basking lights will be set up as well as random feeding stations.
The room also has an outside access door so there will be some outside free ranging as well in a secure outdoor enclosure.

I would like to use the whole room but worry about them walking on the rack. I dont think they will be able to knock down tanks due to the size of them but other than that... What should I look for and worry about room wise?

And also what would be a good cham to work with in this free range room?
Most species love to free range but it's easier with the larger guys. I free range all my veileds. I've never kept frogs so I'm not sure of the danger with a frog set up but I can tell you that all free range chameleons do roam so the entire room will need to be safe.
The frog set ups are all sealed so they will not be able to get in them.

They are the chrome racks from Lowes with 4 ten gallons on each shelf.

The one thing I was worried about it the light. I use shoplight on rack. Regular ole tube lights so there would be no danger of getting burnt. I am sure I could figure out a way to cover the chains that they hang on being only about 2-3 inches long.
Covering the chains would probably be sound, as all of my chams have readily climbed on chains. So long as the frogs are enclosed, I can't see the cham(s) doing any damage to the frogs or frog tanks. I've found Pothos to be very good for free ranges if you can get a mature one, because you can string the vines all over the place, making overhead "cham highways"; artificial bendy vines are good, too.
It is official the move should start this weekend or early next week.

I will get some pics of the room once we get settled.
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