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Hello I haven’t been on here for a bit because I have been watching Neptune the chameleons cage review videos to get some ideas for tikis cage and also to find sticks for his cage here’s a pick of it!


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A few questions… Is this cage going to be big enough for your panther? What is you temp for basking? What is the height from the back of your Cham to the basking bulb? A few statements… I would get a few more plants I have this cage till I build my own for my veiled and a money tree fits perfect In the middle so I would try that and maybe a mass came would be nice in the side. You could also do what I did with my pothos so I put two sticks with the space as wide as the pot and I can slide the pothos into the middle of the sticks and it works great. I would also try to get a few more sticks going horizontal
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