Tia is doing awsome


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Hey all, well I have now had Tia for almost 6 months and she is doing awsome. She is very familiar with her surroundings now, she climbs all over the cage walls its actually quite funny when I get home and I find her basking upside by the UV light.

She is easy to handle when its necessary, I try not to take her out too much. And she is getting some pretty colors.

Thanks to everyone who helped me when I firt got her, I was sure I was going to be a bad mamma but turns out she loves me :D


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I am sure she does love you, but as best I can tell, looks like you also love Tia!:) Congrats on doing so well with her. Do we get pictures???


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I used to have a horse named Tia. Yes, post pics. Those are always good. Glad everything is going great with your Cham.
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