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We now have the 5th edition available in our Chameleon Bookstore.

This is one of the best books on feeder care that I've ever seen. The original version was created years ago mostly by members of CiN (Chameleon Information Network) and edited by Ardi Abate. Ardi and Ken Kalisch are two of the biggest contributors that older chameleon keepers might recognize. We used to sell this resource years ago and I'm very happy to make it available again at Chameleon Forums.


Chapter 1
Introduction to Insectivores​
Vitamins & Minerals from Natural Food Sources​

Chapter 2 - The Bigs Six in Feeder Bugs
House Crickets​
Waxworms & Wax Moths​
Mealworms & Grain Beetles​
Superworms & Darkling Beetles​
Houseflies, Blowflies, Bluebottle Flies​
Fruit Flies​

Chapter 3 - Variety is the Spice of Life
Butterworms & Chilean Moths​
Silkworms & Silk Moths​
Tomato/Tobacco Hornworms & Sphinx Moths​
Death's Head & Hissing Roaches​
Care and Breeding of Zebra Finches for Prey​
Lizards as Prey​

Chapter 4 - Catch as Catch Can
Pantry Pests​
Grasshoppers, Locusts and Katydids​
Stick-Insects and Walking Sticks​
Garden Pests​
Night Collection WIld Moths and Other Nocturnal Insects​

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