This might be a stupid question but....


... do chameleons care if you change their cage around after you clean it? I try to keep his basking spots the same, but the other vines just go all over, kinda randomly.

Also, my 4 month old cham settles down a little earlier than when we turn the lights off (around 8pm), would it be a good idea to turn his lights off as soon as he finds his sleeping spot and starts curling his tail?

Thanks in advance for the advice!
i changed my chams cages around all every now and then after a few cleanings. Mine didnt mind it too much but dont change it every other day or somthing crazy like that. When the cage is kept the same they have some sence of home and security.


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We change our chams cage every time we clean it. He seams to really enjoy it. His drip and basking stay the same but we move the plants and branches. He love to explore when we put him back.
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