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This is a double loss thread.

I didn't update you guys on Ryker. My old man at 5 ended up being put down for various health reasons. The biggest one being a burn caused by one light slipping too low when I wasn't paying attention for a couple days. It caused damage that could not be reversed. I will never forgive myself for that one.

The next one is for Aster, she only spent a couple months with me, but she died from egg binding. That... we got her shots of oxytocin for and I went to the emergency vet for. But it was too late. She didn't pass one of her eggs until late, and she sadly left us during surgery due to a perforation.

I now only have Prince Neptune and I am currently ok with that number. I always will want a chameleon in my life but maybe only one at a time currently until I am ready for more. .____.' I need to heal right now and my heart hurts. These babies take it out of me.

So good night little ones. I love you all

@jannb so you can say good night officially to Aster as well.

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Chameleon Enthusiast sorry you have been going through all of this. My heart goes out to you. This year has been tough on alot of folks, both within the cham community and out. I for one am ready for a new year. I am sending hugs and my deepest sympathy for your losses.


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Andee, I am so sorry that you have had so much loss. Beleieve me I know just how you feel. You are such a wonderful chameleon mom, you sure don’t deserve it. You provided excellent care to Ryker. Accidents can happen even to the best keepers. You gave him all the medical attention and love and care that anyone possiable could. I hope you are resting easy little man.

I am so very sorry you had to go through losing Aster so soon after Ryker. I am very sad that little Aster had such a short life but there’s nothing you could have done to prevented the egg problems. Sometimes it just happened. Once she had the egg problems you didn’t hesitate to get her all medical treatment available and give her all the personal care that she needed. Thank you so much for that.

Sleep tight little girl. You are sadly missed. ❤️
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