The Story of the Little Boy and the Turtle!


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Once upon a time (Last week), a little boy found a turtle with his friend. The ran up and showed his friends grandmother. In which the boys scared the turtle he would not come out of his shell. The little boys mother came down from the upstairs to have a look at the little turtle. The mother took pictures of the little turtle and everything looking for some advice about the type of turtle. Later on the mother told her little boy that he needed to let the turtle go so he could grow up big and strong. The boys followed the motherand watched as she put him down in a grassy area far away from the house. The said goodbye to the little turtle, and named him "Snappy".

A few days later the little boy, his daddy, and his mother went out on a nature walk area and found out that the little turtle was a musk turtle. They talked about the little turtle and left for the day.

Then one day (Today to be exact) the little boy was out playing by himself in the backyard. His mother was inside cleaning house and had the door open. The little boy yelled "Mommy! Mommy! I found a turtle!" The mother went downstairs to take a look and there the little turtle was in her sons hands! They took the little turtle upstairs since he looked thirsty. The mother and the little boy have decided to take him out to a area where he has plenty of water and no humans this weekend!

The End

I have pics I'll post a little later
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