The right age cham for my new cage.


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I am interested in getting a panther. I am in talks with ChameleonCorral for one. I am just curious what age cham would be good for my cage. I just built a 29x29x48. Would a 3 month old be lost in this cage? I was looking to get a 3 month but if a 5 or 6 month is necessary then I have no choice. also, any suggestions with filling the cage with shrubby would be a great help.. thanks guys..
did you even read the posters question? You have provided no input what so ever. Do you just skip post to post and try and say two to three words on each so that you can get your post count up? Just curious.
generally speaking I would say your cage is likely to large for a 3 month old panther. That said with the right amount of attention, it can be done. If this is your first cham I would recommend you spring for a smaller ESU or reptarium until you are comfortable with the cham and he is comfy with you. The issue is finding food , and finding your drip, and of course you finding him. These little buggers can hide in a densely planted cage and you look for 10 minutes only to find that he is 2 inches from your face the whole time! Seriously though your cham will develop a routine and learn his cage. You will often find him in close to the same places every day at the same times. He will sleep in the same roost spot nightly, learn where the crickets hide out, where the water drips, where the basking site is, where the cool humid spot in the back corner is. He will learn all this much faster in a smaller cage. You will need that big cage quicker than you think though. Hope this helps.
Congrats on getting your first panther chameleon :) . As far as your question about caging, for a young chameleon 3-5/6 months of age, you need a smaller cage so they can get to their feeders. I'd recommend purchasing a small cage for his first months so he doesn't get "lost" in the cage. You also need to use lower wattage lighting for young chameleons, which will not be effective for a small chameleon in a large cage.

The cage size you have now, is fantastic for an adult. When he looks large enough to handle the larger cage, you can move him to it. He will probably be ready anywhere from 6-8 months for that size caging.

Again, congratulations and welcome to the world of panther chameleons! :)
well soon I will have one.. :).. I am just making sure I have everything set up correctly before I buy the cham.. I want to make sure I have a good home for them.. So with a cage this size I am better off getting one that is a little older then so it doesn't get lost.. I was thinking a feeder cup idea just so crickets and food aren't everywhere and so i can keep track of what it eats.. I was thinking of attaching it to a plant or fake branch closer to th the bottom, not on the bottom, of the tank just because I dont want him crawling on the bottom metal mesh.. would that work?
If you do not want to get a smaller cage for a baby, then yes a older cham say Sub-Adult would work fine. Cup feeding is defenatly an option. You can place the cup anywhere. It does not have to be on the bottom of the cage. You can attach it up at the top of the cage if you want also.\

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