The Real Sun!


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cool! she can play in the garden, and i can hose off her cage! of course, i'll keep a very close eye on her.


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I have a couple of Jacksons , they have an outside big cage with ficus tree inside. I Know how important the sun is for them since I moved their cage to a place that gets more hours of sun. Before they use to get 2 hours of sun a day and I notice that they had black spots on their skin and they were tryng to get out of the cage to stay in the sun. Now they lay in the sun for about 6 hours all the black bumps came out when they changed skin and also they are much stronger , they got a beautiful skin , they don't try to get out the cage and they are much happier.
If you could put your cage close to a window where the sun hits , you will see the difference.Also I think the sun light can prevent skin deseases and other diseases too.


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Brad wrote: He's a little over 10" now tip to tip. He is the same age as Fractal and will be big like him too.
I took him out into the sun again yesterday and notice that his colouring gets all around brighter when I do. However, I did notice last night, while he was sleeping that he did not go all the way light green, but held to the turquise in him. Could that have been from the bugs that were in his cage? They are in a shallow container they cannot get out of.


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If you could put your cage close to a window where the sun hits , you will see the difference.
Except that the glass in the windows filters out the vital UV rays from the sun that are necessary for production of vit. D in the cham. They'll still need exposure to a UVB light if they are not getting access to UNFILTERED natural sunlight.
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