The Real Sun!

Brad Ramsey

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Kitty just came back inside from his first two hours ever in the real sunlight.
He was a little unsure of being in a different's the first time I have held him in weeks and MAN his grip has gotten strong!
I used the opportunity to really check him over as well. All fingers and toes intact and nothing rubbery about this boy. Nice clear eyes, nice pink mouth.
By the time it was time to come back in he was such a pretty shade of almost yellow green.
Hopefully tomorrow is as nice as today was (it was in the 70's and in the sun felt much warmer).
He's being super security guard now back in his enclosure, patrolling the grounds making sure everything is the way he left it.
I can't wait for summer!

OOO..thats so cool. Its still a tad bit cold in new york. Whats the optimum temperature that you usually take out ur chams? Only around 70?
I would say 70 or above. And give them some shade if its real hot so he can cool down if he wants.
well living in london I cant really expect the weather to really hit 70 lol!!!
Even if it does it really only lasts for about 2 days so when it does get warm here you know my cham is straight away into the sun!
Hey,Brad.. You should take some pictures & post them. I like to look at all the outdoor adventure pic's :D
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I am so jelous Brad, I can't wait till we can take all of our lizards outside. We are trying to plan out some kind of a enclosure for the backyard, we thought about just bringing out a big plant but we have alot of hawks around here so we need some protection for them.
Pictures, pictures, pictures, post some pictures so we can enjoy your experience with you, I know you took some.
I love the 'What the hell are you looking at?' look on his face in the last pic! Today was Paoluo's first day in the sun as well. 72 degress in the shade and 94 in the sun. VERY depressing for March in Park City though. Everything looks like poop :(
Brad, looks like Kitty just wants to hike around on his own! He has a really tall casque, too! Very nice!
Once he got comfortable he was off and running!
Started to make me a little nervous though, so I decided outside time (about an hour) was over.
When I started to collect him he really took off and puffed up and hissed at me.
He really felt good out there.
I've got to start on a big outside enclosure for him. It's evident that he loves and needs that outdoor time.

Fun pictures Brad. Appreciated too. The sun always does Fractal good. He comes alive big time when the breeze hits him.
:eek: Tall casque! look at the size of his feet! He is going to turn into a monster. You nee to change his name from Kitty to (The Big Show) King of all Veiled's..
Pretty impressive for just over 5 months.
I'm so proud of him!
Even though he does drive me crazy with his attitude and picky eating sometimes.

I love this last sunny picture of him. His eyes are so big... reminded me of that pizza comercial. Know the one?
Have you measured his length?
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