The Locust Plague in Madagascar

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Here is more material about the locust plague that is currently causing a disaster in Madagascar. This plague is threatening to cause starvation to the Malagasy people. However the necessary spraying of pesticides is a legitimate threat to the spectacular wildlife of Madagascar. If pesticide laced locust are ingested by Madagascar chameleons, there is a legitimate threat that chameleon populations could be effected by these pesticides. To keep this thread somewhat positive, this plague is not supposed to affect the eaterrn part of Madagascar. This is the area that has the greatest biodiversity of chameleon species.

Here's an up to date article.

Here is a second older article if any of you want to post comments. I only recommend posting if you have got some qualifications in regard to this matter.
Thank you Jeremy for making this thread. i hope someone that can get a word in sees this.

I made a post on the BBC thread it is being reviewed before being posted. That should be on a platform where these concerns should be seen. My degree was an Agriculture and Conservation Biology degree at UC Davis.

oy, this is most definitely not good

It is good that we can have a say as a community and a place on a world platform (the BBC) where policy makers making these decisions are going to read our legitimate concerns.
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