The Cham Tent


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Saw this at and decided to give it a try.
It's made for small pets, so they can enjoy and benefit from the outdoor
UVB and fresh air w/o escaping or worry of preditors.

After erecting it, and before putting anything inside, I took some readings
with my Solormeter.
There was a little loss, no big deal.
The direct sun reading was 6.5 and through the tent mesh, it was 4.5.
It was an overcast day, but after taking several readings, I was satisfied this
tent could be used for chams.

I put a bunch of stuff in it, then put Noogie inside, as he is my official tester
as he will inspect every inch :D

His claws did not get stuck in the mesh, but his horn got stuck a few times.
He simply backed up and pulled them out, no stress problem.

I am going to give this a few days, and make sure all my guyz have a turn,
before I recommend it to forum members.

I am pretty sure my guys are going to LOVE this :D
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You just never run out of amazing ideas for your chameleons :)

LOL! thanks Jimmy :) actually, Noogie is used to be able to run around in the yard, so he doesn't like the tent.
He just stayed in that corner trying to rip his way through!! :eek:

He's the only one to check it out so far, got 5 more to go :)

Here it is at (note, one pic shows a round door, it's NOT round, it's U shaped, and bigger):
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