That is one messed up veiled!

Isn't it ironic that to the right of this picture you can see "Reptile care manual" and "Reptile education" ...
WTF!? how do they even THINK about promoting something in this care?! is this company a F****** joke?! and fyi im not one to curse but for real. morpheon, i will be e-mailing these crooks.
I can understand not seeing the MBD, as many don't, but that lump does not look even remotely normal.
This is the answer i got from them after a few hours:

HI Marc:
Thank you very much for your visit to and your input. Even when it is not what we'd like to hear, we want to know if there is a problem.

We will change that picture in the next few days, and replace it with a more appropriate picture. (Maybe use this one as an example of a chameleon with a problem.) The image was purchased by the marketing department, and they did not know about MDB in this species. They were enchanted by the colors. Poor excuse, but we will get it fixed. Do you perhaps have an outstanding image you'd like to see used?

We do care about the care of pet reptiles. There are as many opinions as there are people who give them about the care of a myriad of species. Most of our information in the care manual came from reptile products manufacturers who should know. If you have a concrete suggestion for your species (not just a criticism as some people send with no constructive input), we will be glad to alter the manual with expert advice. Our staff has certainly not had direct experience with every reptile species, so we depend on people like you to help us out.

Thank you again for your input. We will try to earn your trust.

[email protected]

PS: Please forgive any typos. I answer hundreds of requests
and sometimes get a little rushed.
Well that's nice! I'd send in a picture if mine weren't the epitome of poopy pictures. Anyone want to share one with them?
I got a second reply by email telling me that they already changed the page, notifying that the text stated how sick the chameleon is. The URL is still the same by the way, and the update is already on-line

As i replied to them, i like the way they handled the situation, and how fast they reacted in order to fix it!
They added: "This chameleo calyptratus has obviously been mistreated. You can see that he has been suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) for quite some time! The bent jaw, the curved legs and casque all show that whoever had this magnificent pet did not give him proper lighting, supplements or care. Don't let your pet suffer the same way."

That is great that they reacted so quickly!
That's so great! Most sites are just kind of like, 'Eh.' I like this site. I will definitely consider purchasing from here now. :)
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