Thank you for the update.


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Saw the pain specialist today and looks like his L5 to S1 are all ruptured...he will start on some new meds, Fentanyl patches and Nucynta 75 mg tablets 75 mg one month he will go in for a Radiofrequency procedure that will burn the nerve endings and then we will go from there.....thanks again for the prayers and we still need them.
This is us at a better time in Mexico, last year.
Thank you for the update and picture Sherri. I'll keep your husband in my prayers. I hope you guys will have many more happy times in the future.
Glad to hear there is a plan in place. Hopefully you guys will get back to those "better" times again real soon.

The treatment does not sound like a walk in the park. I sure hope it helps Steve with the pain. You are in my prayers.
Thank you Jann, Deb and has been a full day with his new drugs and he thinks the pain may be a little less than in the past, he really needs to wait another day or two before he can really say.
That's a great picture! Thanks for sharing. We'll continue to keep you both in our family prayers. Chronic pain is a tough road, to say the least. I hope the nerve treatments will work and will specifically pray for that.
Thank you all for the continued concern and the prayers,... he can no longer take the patches, he stopped breathing twice the other night during sleep, a bad side effect of this drug, I was scared to death when this happened......the pain pills do no good unless he takes twice the amount he should and then he is so drugged he can't stay awake......still waiting to hear from the doctor about when we can get in and have the nerves burned......again, thanks to you all so much and please continue to pray.
Aww that's a pity as Fentanyl is good for some problems. Hope he finds relief soon.
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