Thank goodness for 9-ft ceilings...


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My Jackson's Chameleon Ferdinand is crazy active. I currently have him in a 2x2x4 screened enclosure, and he uses every inch of space! Two weeks ago I started building him a new custom enclosure, wanting to double his space and give him some more height. Since I can't drop $3K on a glorious Cages By Design unit (some day, sigh), I am making it myself.

The structure is done, and I am extremely pleased with how it's turning out, given that I have never built anything before and have no power tools... it's just MUCH bigger than expected :eek:

Solid oak, stained and sealed. Stain on the double casement doors is drying tonight and will get the clear coats tomorrow. Screens are going in next weekend, and then I start on the faux stone backdrop.

It comes apart in 3 pieces - cabinet stand, drainage base, and screened frame. Chameleon space is 24x36x72 and the whole thing is over 7-ft tall. I keep assuring the hubby it will look GREAT in the living room.

Can you ever give your cham too much space, lol? Maybe I will keep him where he is and get a baby Godzilla for the new enclosure :D


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one spoiled little chameleon man i got mine and gave him a new cage and he hasnt moved that much as i thought try putting in some vines for that cage seeing that its so big. will collect the moisture
Very nice!!! How did you cut the wood without power tools and attach the wood pieces to each other? Please don't say hand saw and screw driver, if thats the case.........................THATS HARD CORE!

Awesome looking cage:D:D:D
No, that cage needs to be for your sweet boy. You know how it works, Cham will be happy, so you will be happy and that will make hubby hobby. That is how I got away with one of my chams getting his own bedroom. Husbands are not as dumb as we sometime think.:rolleyes:
Just one more step in my evil plan to become the crazy cham lady :D

I can't wait to have it complete.
All done!

Here is the finished product. I am so happy with how it turned out. I am still planning to make a faux-rock background but with work being so busy, it will probably have to wait until later this summer.

Ferdinand is less than enthused about his new home, but he just needs time to adjust :D


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Fantastic enclosure!

Is he happier with it now? Hope so. Mine hates anything any shade of red anywhere around. But I love the color of your room and the cage looks wonderful in it.

Great job!
Thank you very much! I freely admit that all my best ideas for the new enclosure were stolen from NorCalAnthony's post. Although his is much fancier than mine :D

After he got settled in, Ferdinand is extremely happy in his new cage and makes use of every square inch of space, so I am glad to be able to provide him more room to roam. I have a sheet behind the cage, so you can't see the red wall (although the color doesn't seem to bother my cham). My stone backgrounds should arrive next week.

The pothos, crotons, and dracaena are doing very well (with a grow light), but the umbrella plants still struggle. I try to rotate them, but they just aren't thriving.
Concerning the umbrella plants, I have found that they will go through a process where they will drop leaves and otherwise appear to be dying off. Then once they adjust to the new lighting, they will begin to sprout new growth.

I would give them a little time before you give up on them.

Great cage BTW,
The structure is done, and I am extremely pleased with how it's turning out, given that I have never built anything before and have no power tools... it's just MUCH bigger than expected :eek:

For someone who has says they've never built anything, OMG JOB WELL DONE. Talk about looking like a pro. Holy moly that is awesome. :cool:

You should build stuff more often. You husband has to be happy with how it looks.
Thanks! I am inordinately proud of myself. I am refurbishing a chandelier now, so we'll see how that goes :)
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