Thamnobates mating


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Ok. FINALLY my thamnobates have got it on!

Quick question, when the male climbed off and left the female, it appeared that she deposited some of his sperm on a twig as she was moving away along with some urate (no faeces, only urate).

Is this normal? Do I need to reintroduce the male to her, as I have never seen this before.


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Great ! I would try to put them together again, if the female is still conceptive (is this the right word ?) they will mate again, if not she will show him very clearly that he should stay away


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Thanks Benny.

Just showed the male to the female again (he is still very interested).

I didn't realise the female was half chameleon half ninja warrior, as she jumped to try and attack him.

I won't be trying to mate them again this time!!

Thanks again

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