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Forum Text Too Small?

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Is the text too small to read? Sometimes when reading larger paragraphs I think it may be. What does everyone else think?
Its ok for me, but I can see where someone with bad eyes could have problems. Maybe just try bolding it?

Thanks for the info. You found a bug ;) :eek:
You should be able to vote now.

That bug could have prevented new users from voting on the previous contest. I never received any complaints, so I am not sure.
Text looks fine to me... but resolutions of people's computers make a HUGE difference. So answers may be a bit skewed.... 800 x 600 resolutions are really really big versus 1152 x 864 resolutions. I think the site looks good :).
fine here, too. As others have said, it is the individual users PC settings that can affect this. I have "old" eyes so I have my own issues! lol!! :rolleyes:
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