Terrarium Hood Frustration.


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I'm looking into buying a Reptisun 5.0 15" fluorescent UVB tube light but I cannot think for the life of me a good hood fixture to put it into anyone got any idea's?

even if its not buying a full hood set-up just maybe the tube light holder with a reflector in the middle is fine any idea's?

Thanks guys!
ok having a few problems so going to throw a few idea's out there to get some opinions of what you guys think :)

1) Buying:
A Exo Terra Dual Light Canopy Hood 45cm or 60cm with 2 x Fluorescent UV Tubes and 2 x Halogens 45cm one though 0_o

2) Buying:
A Zoo Med - Naturalistic Terrarium Hood - 45cm
and then buying a Reptisun 5.0 tube to fit into it?

3) Or just buying the tube light, Arcadia Ultra-Seal Controller/LIGHT UNIT / ELECTRONIC TERRARIUM LAMP CONTROLLER of some sorts and buying a seperate reflecter with holders to just hold the tube light?

:S im so confused what to get :/ if you would like picture ill happily show you.

once I have this over Im done with ill be fine but with this little system im having such problems and mental blocks, It will be one of those things that once I've decided and have brought it and set it up, ill just be like wow, why couldn't I think of this straight it was sooo easy :p lol
I usually just buy the "cheaper" 48" shop light for like $20 from the local hardware or big box store. This is large enough to go across the top of two enclosures.

Something similar to this:
All of my experiences with Exo Terra Dual Light Canopies have been negative. I have also contacted Exo Terra recently and been advised that they are now discontinued and will not have a replacement product.

As a result, I'm looking into alternatives and T5 lighting appears to be the best way forward.

Arcadia have several fixtures available in the UK that look good:


The alternative, that I am currently looking into, is using an aquarium fixture with the appropriate bulbs.
thanks for all your help guys really appreciate it, I went for in the end an
Arcadia tube light, 5.0
Arcadia lighting controller
Arcadia reflector and feels and looks perfect so far :)

thanks again guys :)
You could have went for the Arcadia T5 12% vivarium canopy but at least you have an Arcadia 6% T8 which is about the same as a 10.0 Exo terra bulb and lasts much longer. I am in the uk too so if you need anything uk specific feel free to pm me!
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