Temps and humidity


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That sounds like a balancing problem. You want to raise daytime humidity, but not to the point of 60-70%. I would try misting during the day, but not as much as during the night (E.g. instead of 2 min., try misting for 1 min.). You may have to experiment a little, as with basking lights. Temporary spikes in humidity should be OK—it's the averages we should be shooting for.
Yes thank you! That’s what I realized I needed to do. since yesterday I’ve been monitoring the temps in different areas and trying things a little different and I think I got it how I want it .


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Ventilation like? Mine Enclosure is closed all around except front door and top side(i have a mesh there) is that enough?

Probably/ but you can buy a cheep computer fan, they have ones that will plug into usb cube, and set it on top. You can set it on a timer or just manually or best is smart plug.
I wouldn't panic. I like ventilation so I do run some fans. But in my bathroom set up humidity is often high during the day, like when we shower, but because it is so open it doesn't get stuffy. When it does, long shower, I can crack the window open or the door.

Long story short. Adding a fan will be beneficial, but you are fine where you are, and likely have plenty of ventilation.
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