Temp Observation / Possible Tip


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Like a lot of other folks on here I use a temp probe that i've zip tied to both of my panthers basking area to get my basking temp. In these hotter months I've had to adjust my basking light higher up off of the cage more than usual (expected). As I adjust I keep an eye on my temps and when it gets to about 85-87F I leave the lights at that level. One thing I never considered was that the probes are about 3" lower than the tops of my Chams when they are in the same area as the probe. Considering me moving the lights up and down (they are clamped to a PVC pole that's mounted to the cages) even an inch or two made the temps flucuate 5 degrees or more made me realize that if your pushing your basking temps to the upper range of what is suggested for your Cham, you should adjust temps to a slightly lower range to leave "room" for the height of your Cham as it's the tops of their bodies that the heat will be greatest. Summary: if you set basking lamp to give you a temp of 90F on your device, your Cham may be really getting 95F or more in reality. Is this crazy thinking or has anyone else considered this too?
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