Tape and glue is dangerous in your enclosure!


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I read warnings about tape being dangerous in a Chameleons cage.
For obvious reasons. I would think.
However, I recently made 2 feeding cups for my Chameleons.
I made them out of cut down, plastic 2 liter diet Coke bottles with "stick on" felt patches on the inside for crickets to climb on. (And for chams to grab them) I couldn't see how that would ever effect a Chameleon....
It worked really well...until today.
This morning, I found one of my Chameleons INSIDE the feeding cup. He had crawled inside to eat some crickets and worms and had I suppose dislodged a piece of felt and was now glued to the thing just like a mouse in a sticky trap.
Luckily, some warm water made the glue on the felt dissolve and I was able to free the animal. Unharmed.
Now I am warning others as I was warned.
DO NOT USE TAPE or ANYTHING STICKY in your Chameleon enclosure. Even in areas that seem like it would be safe to do so.
It seems that if there is a way to get stuck, they will find it!
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