Tank toppers


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Hi, i am going to be getting a baby veiled soon but am still doing some research. I have a extra ten gallon that isn't being used. Can the baby go in that untill I get the screen cage? I also have something called a tank topper. it will add about the size of another ten gallon to the tank but it is wire mesh. I just got a small ficus tree and a pothos to put in tank as well. I also have a dark backround around the sides and on the back of the tank. Would tile be ok as a substrate? Thats what I use for my bearded dragons. I also have mountain horned dragons soI know all about drip systems and mising to increase humidity. Thanx
i have seen that before and thought about getting it myself. i do think it will work for a little while, but the only thing i thought was bad was how thick the gaps in between the wires. it seems to big and crickets and fruit flies could get out. that would be my only concern
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