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I have a chameleon cage thats 2 and 1/2 wide 3ft tall in size with a screen door and plexi glass windows around it with wooden framing and i have tree branches screwed to the inside of itwith silk plants on them and i have a veiled chameleon in the cage. My question is how do i set up a drip system without it splashing all over the bottom of the cage and rotting out all the wood? Your help would be very much appreciated.
Well, that is a question we all deal with. My first cage had a wooden floor.. I built it with one. I used formica to cover it, and thought it would be dandy. I did not really think about the amount of water that runs through a cage on a daily basis. After I realized how wet it was getting, I drilled a drain into it. It didn't work so well. Then, I drilled a bunch of holes in the floor. That didn't work so well either. So, after it started rotting... I pulled it out and replaced it with screen. I put the entire cage in a plastic tub with a drain on it. Excess water drains into a bucket. Other than setting up an intentional drainage system, you will have to mop up the water as best you can. Water left standing on the floor of the cage will breed bacteria, and not misting and dripping enough will leave your cham dehydrated. Welcome to chameleons!

I would really sugest using live plants in the enclosure. They are the best when it comes to these sensitive guys/gals. Real plants will help with humidity, air quality and sometimes the chameleon will nibble a little on the leaves, so make sure your plants are non toxic for chameleons. Umbrella/Schefflera are good and a lot of people use pothos. They are perfect at catching the excess drippings from the dripper and from mistings. Just place the dripper above the plant. Search the forums for "plants", everyone here has a lot of really good information on what to use. I don't know about plexi glass enclosures, even with the screen door it seems like there wouldn't be enough airflow. Is there any way you can convert it to screen? He would be the happiest this way and he should loose the dull brown color. :)
I have seen them both on the safe and not safe list. They turn up more on the not safe list though so I would personally stay away from them. I might be wrong and someone who knows better should correct me but I wouldn't use them. Too bad too, I have a really nice one in my house that would look great in the cage. Oh well there are a lot of other nice plants to choose from.:p
This is so hard getting a drip system going when you have a wooden cage and fake plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!:eek:
Try putting a plastic tray on the bottom

Hey try putting a plastic tray on the bottom to catch the water...like those cheap dollar store kitty litter trays. Tara
I don't think that would work and I think they are a pain to keep clean. Chams like drinking from water droplets left on plants. The drip system is the best way to do that. Someone correct me if I am wrong. This is just my opinion. Good luck:D
My chameleon loves her "waterfall". We bought a pump from our petstore and also got two large rocks and a plastic tub. The pumps runs water onto the rocks, then into the plastic tub. She loves either laying on the rocks, or climbing on a branch we set up over the fountain to get a drink. :) We make sure to change the water everyday, buy new rocks every two weeks and a new pump once a month to reduce any nasty germs, lol. :D
Thanks guys! i just gotta wait till my dads wrist heals from his recent surgery:rolleyes: thats gonna be a while:rolleyes:
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