Tangerines have high oxalic acid content, therefore I would not recommend using them in a gutload (often).

Oxalates bind to calcium and prevent absorption, etc. etc.
oranges & tangerines re awesome for dubia. Mine love oranges and tang's they eat a whole one in one night. :eek: Great source of hydration & vit c.
Well, i dont soley use oranges and tanges's I use zucc, apples, romaine, pears, strawberry, melon, carrots, etc... I think using too much of any one item is the prob. As long as your using variety you should be fine. I should have stated that earlier.
cool thanks..i only asked cause i thought i bought a orange for them to eat and it was a tangerine.....lol..NY Fruit vendors shud know there supply haha
I know the oranges are good cause the breeder where I got my cham uses them in her gutload and they have been breeding gorgeous healthy chameleons for many many years. Don't know how they compare to a tangerine though.
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