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Hey all. If I'm posting in the wrong place or this just isn't allowed please remove it.

Anyways, I'm not happy to be here, but my animal deserves better. My mental health has recently taken a major turn south and I'm finding myself unable to care for my adult male veiled. He deserves better than me, and I'm hoping someone in the area can take him in. I want nothing in return save for some proof of knowledge or experience.

A bit of background on him, he was a rescue from a family that kept him very poorly, took him to the beach, all sorts of stuff that shouldn't have been done. I believe he initially came from a non reputable pet store, as he has chameleon papilloma on his foot and tip of his tail (verified by experienced exotic vet) . He had a nasty burn on his chin too that has been getting better with each shed and has been looked at by the vet. I believe he's about two years old now and is rather large for the species as I understand it.

If anyone knows of any resources in the Tampa Bay area, had any questions, or is potentially interested, please reach out. I want what's best for him, even if it sucks to say good bye.

Enclosure and lightning included with timers.

Thanks all.

Thanks all.
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