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Stop! Before you go any further there is to be no negativity, attacks, or mention of any breeders on this thread, that's not what its for.

The sole intent of this thread is to try to right some wrongs placed upon one of our more prominent members, Beman(Becca), as best we can. There is nothing we can do to bring Bahari back, that's a burden we can never ease. However we can help ease some of the financial burden. Many of our members saw the wrongs forced upon Becca recently due to no fault of her own.

Becca first joined the forums in late 2018 just like so many of us did. She came here trying to make sense of all the BS husbandry so eagerly shared elsewhere. She came in humble and with a questioning attitude. She wasn't just seeking answers to questions she had, she was seeking to understand why those answers were right and how the original advice she had been given could be so wrong. She quickly began participating in every thread she could get her hands on, asking questions and eventually answering questions from newer members as she gained experience. But she did not stop there. Becca is the one that first proposed the idea of publishing the entry level care images that were just rolled out. While most of you have seen the fruits of her labor, virtually none of you witnessed the months of research and graphic design that went into those images.

I did see all the hours she put into those images, all to help other people that she will never meet. So that they would have a better start than she did. She did all of that without asking for a single thing in return. If that is not paying it forward I don't know what is.

Rebecca, from the first day you arrived here you were already looking to take care of others. You are one of our own now and its our turn to take care of you. In less than 4 days this community founded, organized, and donated $680(still rising!) to a Go Fund Me account in Bahari's name to help offset some of the financial burden you've accumulated over the last month.


MANY members contributed to the cause, please forgive me if I missed any of you and please speak up so you can get the recognition you deserve.
@Chameleon Mike


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@Beman has been an amazing support system to me when Larry was sick and while I rehabilitated Imelda. I’m now honored to call her a great friend who has helped me a lot not just in the chameleon world but also my real life. The least I could do was return the kindness she has shown me.

Thank you Becca for being sure a kind soul


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Dear friends,

I don't even really have words for this... I am so amazed and so deeply touched that you all would do this for me. I am honored to be a part of this community. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I took such a hit financially with all of this and I just kept telling myself I could pay it all off over time. After all that is why I have credit cards, Right? But honestly the hardship was not something that I could financially take on as a single mother. You have helped ease this stress with this amazing gift.

From my very first post in my thread I only asked for everyone to help with your knowledge and share your wisdom, to get me through this situation. I got that and so much more. You gave me emotional support. You gave it freely. You held my hand. You lifted me up. You made me feel safe in the midst of chaos. You made me feel loved. I have never known such a love as this. Thank you for sharing your time with me. For caring. For letting me know I would be ok. Maybe not right now but I will be with the help of this community. I know I will be stronger on the other side of this.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all.

Much love,


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To everyone that was a part of this, to everyone that sent me messages, and to everyone that helped me in my thread... Your hearts are like no other and I hope you all know, each and every one of you... That without your support I would not be able to hold myself together today.

I know I did not have Bahari long... But I dreamed about him for many months. Many of you knew that a Nosy Be was my wish if I got another. I waited on getting him a full month. So I was already very much in love with my little man before he arrived. He was a beautiful little spirit and I still look for his cage every morning when I wake up.

Please keep us in your prayers as it is not quite over for me as I am still praying that I did not contaminate Beman. I know I could not suffer another loss like this so I just hope and pray that he will be ok.


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I donated as well. Sad situation for one of the most dedicated and helpful member here on the forums. Glad to see there was so much support for @Beman.

Wishing the best and hoping Beccas Beman remains happy and healthy for years to come!
Thank you! I saw on the go fund me page the name Keith and I thought that was you. Thank you for being so kind it really means so very much to me.


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In the short amount of time that I've known you. I can already tell that we're going to be good friends. Glad that I could help during this trying time.

Yes, I agree totally! I have really enjoyed your eagerness to learn and love for this hobby. You as a new keeper diving in and asking questions. Participating and learning. It is because of people like you that I love to help the new people. I really think we as a community pay it forward everytime we give of our knowledge. I know it is my honor to help and I truly love it. Thank you for your show of support both with your donation and with your words...


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I will be reaching out to everyone personally. Please if you were not added to this list mention it here. This really was an amazing thing you all did!

I laid in bed last night so overcome by this gesture. I know it may not seem like y'all did much but to me it was like giving me this huge hug of love and support. I am so very thankful for you all xoxox
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