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I have a Yemen Chameleon which she is coming up 3 and half years old.

The problem is she had black on the end of her tail about an inch or so which dropped off. Since then the tail started to heal, however in the last week it has started to go black again.

I’ve search google and read books but cant seem to find any health related problems that match.

She is well feed, clean, and regular cleaning of the viv.

Any thoughts, would appreciate any help.


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Welcome to the forums. :) It's quite hard to see what it looks like with the red light. Have you looked up tail rot to see if that's what it looks like? If a piece already fell off and it's starting to do the same, it's quite possible it's tail rot which can keep spreading. If you can, please post another picture.
I'm not sure where you are located but if you tell us we can help you find a herp vet in the area. This needs to be treated by a vet tomorrow, if you do not have the means I would suggest talking to your vet about a payment plan. In my expirence they are pretty flexible and wiling to allow it if they can keep a card on file.


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Thanks for the replies.

I will try and get another image for you. I am based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.



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I am in the UK too. I am not sure of vets in your area. it looks to me as if the end of the tail is dead and will need to be removed.

A picture in normal light will be better.
What is the red lighting from? If it is from the basking bulb a white light is needed for basking. Many shops sell these bulbs with chameleons but they really are not great. Most shops say they cannot be seen by the animal so make it good for nigh time heating. For one they can see red light and also no night time heating is needed.

If it isnt from the basking bulb then ignore the above :D
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