t. hoehnelii and t. jacksonii jacksonii for sale!

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We are very excited to announce the import of a couple of great species.

We will be bringing in T. Hoehnelii and T. J. Jacksonii from some very distinct areas in Kenya. These animals are being farmed raised with the original breeding stock coming from the following animals.

The following are the locations of where the original breeding stock were collected from. You can reference these locations and see pictures of the animals from these areas in the following pages in Jan Stipalas book, 'Mountain Dragons'.

trioceros hoehnelii are from the Nyahururu Hills NW of Aberdare Mountains. Page 38.

T. jacksonii jacksonii are from the Machakos Hills are and can be referenced on page 60.

Animals will be held in Europe for a brief time and stabilized in Europe prior to shipping here to the US. To that point, we expect high quality animals.

Animals are offered as follows and will arrive here in the US on July 18th.

T. Hoehnelii are $175 each
T. jacksonii jacksonii are $190 each

Shipping is $50 for the entire order.

As always, If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Steve at [email protected] or call at 901-550-1723.

Thank you all for your past and ongoing support.

Pictures below are of actual animals.


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